By Marilyn Schlitz, PhD

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Dr Marilyn Schlitz presents a wealth of teachings and practical guidance on how to turn this taboo topic into a source of peace, hope, connection, and compassion. Featuring contributions by eminent scientists and scholars, spiritual leaders and devout skeptics, health practitioners, and people from all walks of life, this far-reaching work offers a companion to the award-winning documentary, revealing the myriad ways that we grow and change by expanding our perspectives on the ultimate mystery facing each one of us.


"Helpful as well as delightful. With brilliant intellect and warm heart, Dr. Schlitz beautifully makes the age-old case that confrontation and contemplation of death brings one more vibrantly to life! I heartily recommend it."
- Robert "Tenzin" Thurman, Jey Tsong Khapa Professor of Buddhist Studies, Columbia University

"This is an important book. Schlitz shows us that the limits of human growth are not fixed and opens new windows on our capacities for self-transcendence."
- Michael Murphy Co-founder of the Esalen Institute

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