The Society was founded in 1982 by a committee of scientists and scholars to foster the study of questions that are amenable to scientific investigation, without restriction. Despite the enormous advances in science in the last century there are important areas that remain almost unexplored, some of great public interest. Is the mind a machine or an entity in some sense independent of the body? Is there credible evidence that life exists on other planets, or that our solar system has ever been visited by extra terrestrial beings? Some areas have technological potentials that could be of great benefit. Do some human beings have the capacity of locating water and other resources? Are there sources of energy available to mankind other than sunlight, fossil fuels and nuclear energy? The Society has about 800 members and associates from more than 45 countries and provides a forum for the presentation and criticism of research. It holds regular meetings and conferences and publishes a quarterly peer-reviewed journal, The Journal of Scientific Exploration.

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