Harald Walach, PhD, professor of research methodology, complementary medicine and director of the Institute for Transcultural Health Sciences (INTRAG) at the European University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder). He studied psychology and philosophy in parallel (from 1978 to 1984), with a year abroad in philosophy at University College London, and has also studied the history of science, in which he has a second PhD.

Two questions have preoccupied him for many years: What exactly is "healing"? What is the ratio of external empirical, scientific experience and personal, individual experience? The question of healing took him to homeopathy and later in a broader sense to complementary medicine, and to spirituality and its relationship to healing. In his ongoing projects he is examining the value of mindfulness in schools, and is researching the placebo effects and their role in healing. He and his team are working on a theory of wholeness in which non-local processes have a systematic theoretical place. His work on a generalization of quantum theory takes place in this context.

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