Consciousness and PSI in General

Exploring Non-local Consciousness (59:00)

Dean Radin, Neil Theise, Julia Mossbridge, John Hagelin, Menas Kafatos and Rudolph Tanzi, moderated by Cassandra Vieten

This superstar interdisciplinary panel engages some of the very latest thinking and evidence for why it is becoming increasingly impossible to reduce consciousness to brain processes alone.

The Extended Mind: Recent Experimental Evidence (1:37:43)

Rupert Sheldrake

A technical talk at Google on how the mind extends beyond the brain, just as fields extend beyond material objects like magnets and devices like cell phones. The leads to a new interpretation of the nature of vision, and sheds noew light on phenomena like the sense of being stared at and telepathy.

Nonlocal Mind (21:55)

Larry Dossey, MD

Physician Larry Dossey presents evidence that the effects of consciousness are not limited to one's individual brain and body, nor to the present, but are unbounded and unlimited in space and time, This lecture was censored by the TED organization, creating a firestorm of controversy, because it explores evidence that violates the materialist ideology that is dominant in many areas of neuroscience.

Something Unknown Is Doing We Don't Know What (105:00)

Dean Radin, Marilyn Schlitz, Gary Schwartz, Rupert Sheldrake, Charles Tart, Larry Dossey, Stephan Schwartz, Roger Nelson, Edgar Mitchell, Harold Puthoff, and others (Renée Scheltema, Director)

Filmmaker Renée Scheltema explores the evidence behind five areas of consciousness research: telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, psychokinesis, and remote healing. The film's format is that of Scheltema's personal quest for understanding, which leads to interviews with some of the pioneer researchers of these areas. This high-quality DVD has gathered many awards: Berlin Documentary Festival-Official Selection, Tucson Arizona Film Festival-Jury Award, Los Angeles Feel Good Film Festival-Official Selection, Spirit Quest Film Festival-Official Selection, and Santa Fe Film Festival-Official Selection. Buy the DVD.

Myth: Brain Produces Mind (8:02)

Alexander Moreira-Almeida

Prof. Alexander Moreira-Almeida MD, PhD talks about the mind-brain relationship, showing that it is an open scientific and philosophical question and that it has not been established that mind is just a brain product.


Telephone Telepathy with the Nolan Sisters (5:47)

An experiment on telephone telepathy conducted by Dr Rupert Sheldrake with the Nolan sisters, members of a girl band. Could Coleen, the youngest, tell which of her four other sisters was calling her? The callers were chosen at random.

The Evolution of Telepathy (1:06:02)

Rupert Sheldrake, The Perrott-Warrick Lecture at Trinity College, Cambridge University

Dr Rupert Sheldrake argues that telepathy is a normal means of communication among members of animal groups, and is often shown by domesticated animals like dogs and cats in their responses to their owners' thoughts and intentions. Human telepathy follows similar principles, and is continuing to evolve in connection with modern communications systems like telephones and emails. Telepathy is normal, not paranormal.

Neuroscience and Consciousness

Science of Mind Forum With The Dalai Lama (36:28)

Mario Beauregard, the Dalai Lama, Jayashri Kulkarni, and Lorimer Moseley

A discussion about mind-brain relationship between the Dalai Lama, neuroscientists Mario Beauregard and Lorimer Moseley, and research psychiatrist Jayashri Kulkarni.

God And The Brain (15:59)

Mario Beauregard

Dr Beauregard discusses his brain imaging studies about the neural mechanisms mediating various types of spiritual states and experiences.

Mind Over Matter (5:29)

Mario Beauregard

In this talk, neuroscientist Mario Beauregard shares insights from his latest book titled Brain Wars.

Neuroimaging Studies in Spiritual Experiences (3:34)

Alessandra Ghinato Mainieri

Alessandra Mainieri, PhD discusses neuroimaging studies investigating spiritual experiences, especially trance states.